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Sprinkle only 4-5 seeds  (per 4" pot) spaced evenly over moist soil, then barely cover the seeds with a light sprinkling of soil (do not pack). Or direct sow into your garden bed.



A nice seed starting soil. Our organic soil disks are specifically designed for started seeds. Soil should be loose and moist, never hard packed.



2-3 oz per watering, or less. Allow the top 1/2’ of soil to dry slightly between waterings. DO NOT over-water or white fuzz (fungus) will grow on pots and soil.



Well-ventilated room, use a small fan to increase airflow, or outdoors if temperatures allow.



6-8 hours per day of direct sunlight, or 12-16 hours per day grow lights



45-70 degrees (60-68 degrees is best for sprouting). NOTE: lettuce seed can enter thermal dormancy when exposed to high temperatures



10-14 days to see sprouts



Each full grown lettuce head requires 8-10” of space. Thin seedings to the amount of lettuce you have room to grow upon transplanting. Thin by cutting off at soil level with scissors being careful not to disturb the roots of the remaining seedlings.



Transplant 3-4 weeks after planting, separating each head of lettuce 8-10" apart in their new location. 



No fertilizer needed until transplant. Then once every month lightly top dress soil with organic fertilizer and water in thoroughly. We recommend using our Organic Starter & Transplanter fertilizer.

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